Kebab Eggplant

Kebab Eggplant
 Kebab Eggplant

Half a kilo of meat greasy
Kilo tomatoes
2 capsicum greener
2 onions
Quarter teaspoon Sgarhvfil Black
According Alrgbhmlh
4 tablespoons senior oil Zitout
¼ teaspoon coriander
Kashme +
How to prepare
Hydrothermotherapy we come we will add them half the amount of black pepper with salt Cut the eggplant into circles and published over the olive oil and a pinch of salt and move the hand to Edbl Albadngan little oil and cut the tomatoes circles also add Hamma between eggplant and tomatoes and apply it in the oven dish.
Cut the onion into 6 pieces or as desired and distribute it in the dish and cut the bell pepper and distribute it in the dish and Nfaram Habtan tomatoes and add them in the dish add black pepper with coriander and salt, add the water and cover it Baksidir and put them at the bottom of the oven leave it for an hour and then we will submit to Aloala to grill, health and wellness


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