Custard Tart

Custard Tart
 Custard Tart

2 eggs
Teaspoon vanilla
3 weightlifter cup, sugar
3 weightlifter cup, oil
Senior tablespoons milk powder
2 cup, flour
Teaspoon baking powder
Custard filling:
Piece of butter
4 spoons senior sugar
2 cup, milk
5 spoons small custard +
How to prepare
In a blender: 2 eggs with a teaspoon of vanilla and then three or four sugar cup, with three or four cup, Mazola oil and two tablespoons of milk powder and whisk.
In the pot: cup, put 2 teaspoons flour with baking powder and put all the ingredients by hand and we move into a soft dough.
Supplied in a medium tray and lift the edges and pierce with a fork in the middle.
In the oven: put the dough for only 20 minutes from above and below at 180 °
Custard filling, put the butter in a pan and 4 spoons of sugar and senior Kasten milk with 5 spoons small custard Ndopon on fire with Hadia continuously move until the appearance of tiny bubbles.


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